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polyimide film
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polyimide film

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Biaxial tensile polyimide film 1)color:amber 2)chemical and mechanical property 3)thickness:20/25/38/50/75/100/125um Color: Milky white, transparent Pacage: Carton Storage life---1 year
polyimide film amber color 

Description: polyimide film is a kind of formable film with amber color, the thickness type  are: 20um,25um,38um,50um,75um,100um,125um. The best forming temperature should reach between 320°C--340 °C,the pressure should be around 1MP(10kgs). Meantime,polyimide film can also preserve excellent performance with the physical,chemical and mechanical property .

1). the best forming temperature should reach between 320°C --340 °C.

2). the pressure should be around 1MP(10kgs)

3). thickness :20/25/38/50/75/100/125um


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