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Xuchang Everest insulation materials co., LTD., established in March 1990, mainly manufacture and deal in a series of electrical insulation material products,such as insulating varnish, impregnated fabric,laminated material,flexible composite material,electrical film ,insulation sleeving and insulation tape etc. We insist on the running idea of "quality is gold, credit is life" production and management. ZhuFeng Brand has been built to a famous brand in the field of electrical insulating material. We passed ISO9001:2008 certified. Our products are awarded "High-quality products of HeNan province".

Our corporation is located in XuChang city Bayi Road. XuChang is a well-known historical city in North China Plain. The transportation is convenient there. Manufacturing industry of electrical insulating material in XuChang is very prosperous. Its manufacturing technique is leading in this field and well-known in the world. We began to engage in the manufacture of electrical insulation material in early time. Now, we have 5 senior engineers and 20 intermediate engineers. Main products are manufactured conform to the state industry standards. With advanced technology,abundant experience,superduper service and reasonable price, our Products have been marketing more than 100 foreign countries and enjoy high reputation in the world.

Main Products

B,F and H class Insulating Varnish products: 1032 –K Amino alkyd fast curing varnish,1032 alkyd impregnating varnish , 1038 Melamine modified alkyd impregnating varnish 1040 Phenolic modified polyester imprenating varnish,1042 imine epoxy impregnating varnish,1053 Silicone impregnating varnish,etc. Excellent anti-humidity property,heat resistance,dielectric and high insulating resistance specially.Used for impregnating coils of electric machines and apparatus.

Impregnated fabric products: 2432 Alkyd varnished glass fabric, 2310 Polyamide silk fibric, 2210 Oil varnished silk, 2450 Silicone varnished glass fabric,2440 polyester varnished galss fabric,etc. Good heat resistance,oil resistance and mechanical propertiy. Suitable for wrapping and lining insulation of electric machine and apparatus.

Laminated sheet products: 3025 Phenolic cotton fabric laminated sheet,3021 Phenolic paper laminated sheet,3240 Epoxy glass fabric laminated sheet,3721 Phenolic cotton fabric laminated rod,etc. Higher mechanical and dielectric properties. Used as insulating structural parts for electric machine,mechanical,mortor and apparatus equipments.

Flexible Composite material products: 6520 Polyester film insulating paper flexible composite material, 6630(DMD) Polyester film polyester non-woven fabric flexible composite material, 6532 polyester film fiberglass cltoh flexible composite material ,6440(NMN) Polyester film aromatic polyamide paper composite foil,6650(NHN) Polyinide film aromatic polyamide paper composite foil,etc. Excellent dielectric property and high mechanical strength. Used as insulation against ground and between turns as well as liner insulation for coils of electric machine and apparatus.

Electrical film products:6051 Polyimid film ,6021 milky white polyester film,6020 transparent polyester film, Products are widely used in electrical insulation industry, mainly is suitable for the motor of the slot and interturn insulation, cable package between the winding and insulation pad, also can be applied to production of flexibble insulation composite materials.

Insulation sleeving products:2715 PVC fiberglass sleeving,2740 Arylic acid fiberglass sleeving,2751 silicone rubber fiberglass sleeving,2753 Silicone resin fiberglass sleeving.ect. Excellent softness and good dielectric properties, high heat resistance, cold resistance. Can make electrical wiring insulation of and mechanical protection instrument.

Insulation tape products:Non alkali fiberglass tape, Herringbone or plain cotton cloth tape(65% cotton cloth contain),electrical polyester shrinkage tape,PVC electrical adhesive tape(Fire retardant), suitable for coil winding insulation and wire binding of motor, transformer.


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