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Silicone Resin Varnished Fiberglass Cloth
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Silicone Resin Varnished Fiberglass Cloth

  • 2450
  • Zhufeng
  • 5000kg/Week
  • China
  • Carton and Pallet
Silicone Varnished Glass Cloths (2450) Basic Material: E-glass fiberglass cloth Impregnated Varnish: Organic silicon varnish Temp. Class: F(180oC) Features and Applications: - Excellent heat resistance, elasticity, good fungus, cold and oil resistance. - As coil insulation for H-Grade motors and electric appliances. Thickness: 0.11 0.13 0.15 0.17 0.20mm Width: 1000mm Available: In rolls, in strips Warranty; Six months Quality Standard: JB/T8147-1999.

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