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Polyester Film Insulation Paper (6520 /6521)
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Polyester Film Insulation Paper (6520 /6521)

  • 6520 /6521
  • Jb/T4095-1991
  • zhufeng
  • 2000T/year
  • China
  • Pallet
  • kg
  • 500kg
Raw material: presspaper ,polyester film color : nature, green, blue thickness: 0.15-0.40mm width : 1000mm
Flexible composite material
6520&6521 polyester film insulation paper (Flexible composite products)
Heat-resistance: E class
Standard: JB/T4095-1991

Material: Polyester film and insulation paperboard
6520&6521 polyester film- insulating paper composite foil is the composite of 6020 polyester film painted with adhensives and electrical-insulation fish paper. It is suitable to be used in electric machine and electric equipment for insulating groove or liner and for insulation between wire circles.

1. The surface is smooth and flat.
2. high dielectric property and mechanical strength.

Storage life---1 year
The specification available:

Thickness: 0.15mm 0.17mm 0.20mm 0.23mm 0.25mm 0.30mm 0.35mm 0.40mm
Width: 1000m color: Blue, green, cyan, brown
Pacage: Plastic Bags or Carton.

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