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2432 Alkyd Fiberglass Varnished Cloth
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2432 Alkyd Fiberglass Varnished Cloth

  • 2432
  • JB/T8148.1-1991
  • zhufeng
  • 5000kg/Month
  • China
  • Carton
2432 Alkyd varnished glass cloth It is prepared by impregnating the electrical glass cloth with alkyd resin by baking treatment. With high mechanical strength and electrical properities, used for the insulating binding and liner of the electrical appliances. Thickness: 0.11 mm; 0.123mm; 0.15 mm; 0.17 mm; 0.20 mm; 0.25 mm Width: 15 mm; 20 mm; 25 mm; 50 mm; 1000 mm; 1200mm Heat-resistant: 130C, Temp. Class: Class B insulation Warranty period: Six months

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